The overall design is kept in a simple form which helped to amplify the beauty of its material. And the simplification and reduction of noise lead to a removal of transitional HP logo for a more sophisticated word logo.
 The continuous curve joins at the pivotal point to create a iconic design language. It suggest fluidity which relates to the 360 rotation. Also the CNC polished sidewall adds a layer of accent and an Icon for the HP brand.
hinge area.jpg
 It’s all about understanding the material. Starting from a solid block of Aluminum, the entire keyboard deck is milled from a CNC machine. Aluminum is soft enough to be stamped or milled yet hold a rigid characteristic. The CNC allowed us to carve out space for internal components more effectively.
 Aluminum also gave us an opportunity to reveal a secondary finish. By careful maneuvering and programming, CNC can also create a polish effect, leaving a bold accent.
  Design Lead - James Cha     Design Manager - Ilchan Lee     Director of Design - Kevin Massaro     Head of Design - Stacy Wolff
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